How to add a Geoid model to 3Dsurvey?
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Re: How to add a Geoid model to 3Dsurvey?
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To add a Geoid model to 3Dsurvey you first need to download a zip file containing a batch file and a 3DGEOID file. They can also be found on our website, under downloadables, but you first need to sign in with your 3Dsurvey account.
Link to downloadable Geoids:
After downloading the file you extract it

 and open the unzipped folder. Next, you double-click the Batch file.

If you get a warning sign like this,

click more info and then click run anyway.

The CMD will open, and to close it just click any key.
After that, you will need to restart 3Dsurvey.
Now when choosing your Geoid you will see your new option available.

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