Best camera settings for Phantom 4 PRO and other DJI drones
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Re: Best camera settings for phantom 4 PRO and other DJI drones
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For the first 10 projects, we suggest you use the AUTO camera mode, to be 100% sure you'll get the end results.
Nevertheless, to get the best results set the camera settings manually to:
Photo ratio: 3:2
White balance: Sunny
Focus mode: Auto Focus
Distortion correction: OFF
Shutter priority: ON
If we are doing photos in: Spring - 1/1000s (shutter speed)
                                          Summer - 1/1600s (shutter speed)
                                          Autumn - 1/1000s (shutter speed)
                                          Winter - 1/100s (shutter speed)
*Shutter speed shouldn't be faster than 1/1600s (1/2000s isn't good anymore), as the mechanical shutter changes to the electronic rolling shutter.
For more detailed explanation we suggest watching our webinar:

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