Black Screen of Death
« on: February 25, 2022, 08:32:03 PM »
I am attempting to compare multiple flights of a borrow area to calculate the volume being removed.  I am able to load multiple point clouds in the same project and was able to generate a volume when comparing my second flight to the initial flight. The problem I have is when I try to load the third flight.

Whenever my third flight is loaded to either of the first two, the screen goes black. On its own, without another point cloud loaded, I can generate contours, mesh, and get a volume, for the third flight, but I cannot compare it with the initial or second flight. Any attempt in any combination produces a black screen that will not go away, even when I deselect the "problem " point cloud (3rd flight), the screen stays black.

I have tried to start a new project, reload, orient, and construct the photos, but get the same exact problem.
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Re: Black Screen of Death
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Hi Ryan, what kindo of GPU does your PC have? It could be that your GPU memory gets filled up and this crashes your 3Dsurvey. Try decreasing max render points by rightclicking on a pointcloud in pointcloud tab.
Re: Black Screen of Death
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Thank you for the suggestion. My GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU. it has 8 GB of dedicated memory and 15.9 GB of shared memory.

I tried trimming the overall size of the pointcloud by selecting the area I am trying to get a measurement on, and deleting the rest. After that, I exported the smaller pointcloud and tried uploading it again. I still got the black screen, so I then tried reducing the max rendered points. The black screen never went away, no matter how low I set the max rendered points.
Re: Black Screen of Death
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Hm, 8GB of video memory is plenty. This can not be a reason for crashing. To try to figure out what is going on, we can schedule an online teamviewer session and try debugging your issue. If this is OK, please send me an email on, so that we can discuss what date best suits us for the session.