Licensing and Activation
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What are the system requirements?

    Windows 7, 8, 10; 64 bit
    Intel i5  or Ryzen 5
    16 GB RAM
    nVidia GTX 1050 or better
    SSD 128 GB + HDD 500 GB

    Windows 10; 64 bit
    Intel i7 or Ryzen 7
    16 - 64 GB RAM
    nVidia RTX 3060 or better
    SSD 256 GB + HDD 1 TB

    Windows 10; 64 bit
    Intel i9 or Ryzen 9
    64 - 128 GB RAM
    2x nVidia RTX 3060
    SSD 512 GB (M.2) + HDD 1 TB

Can I try 3Dsurvey before buying?
Yes, you can! A free 14-day trial version is available on the free trial page. It has unlimited functionalities! In case 14 days prove too short, please email and we'll do our best to assist.

How can I buy 3Dsurvey?
You can send an inquiry about the license type you want to purchase through our store or contact your local 3Dsurvey distributor.

What is the difference between Student and Educational Institutions licenses?
Student license is free of charge and is only available to students (individuals) with attached proof of enrolment. Educational Institutions license is available to non-commercial accredited educational institutions at discounted prices with minimum order of 5-seat licence.

How can I update 3Dsurvey when the new version is released? Is it free?

You'll be notified in 3Dsurvey when the new version is released – a popup window will appear when you run 3Dsurvey, given you have internet connection.

Perpetual and Educational licenses - Updates are free of charge for during the first year after purchase or available through Yearly Support and Upgrades for after the first year.

Monthly Subscription license - Updates are included in the price.

Does 3Dsurvey offer training courses?
Yes. Software training comes included in the purchase for all types of licenses. Online training is provided live with 3Dsurvey support team through TeamViewer or via partners/resellers.

I’m a Mac user, but it seems you only deliver your SW for Windows. Is that correct?
Yes, 3Dsurvey is optimized for Windows. But don’t forget that you can easily install 3Dsurvey on Mac, as well. See this link for more:

Does 3Dsurvey run on 32-bit operating system?
No. To run 3Dsurvey you need a 64-bit Windows operating system.

What languages is 3Dsurvey available in?
3Dsurvey is available in multiple languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Croatian, Slovak, Spanish and Slovenian. To change to your preferred language go to 3Dsurvey toolbar > options > application settings > select language. You will need to restart the software to apply the changes.

Is there a limit to how many CPU cores can be utilized by the software? Do dual processors come in handy, for example in case of two 12-core CPUs (Xeon)? Also, is there a benefit in using a powerful GPUs AMD or Nvidia?
There is no limit to the number of CPU cores 3Dsurvey can run on, however, multi CPU processing and network processing are not supported yet. GPU is used for GUI and visualization, only. Check System Requirements for more details.
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3dsurvey critical bug Licensing and Activation
I found the bug
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Please state the bonus amount