Frequent Errors
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After Bundle Adjustment only 50 images got registered out of total 200. What happened with other images?
In case 3Dsurvey could not match all the images (reasons may be: not enough overlap, high vegetation, poor quality images, etc.) please do the following:

1) Adjust Bundle adjustment options, by going to Options/Application settings...
...And change Maximum detected features in bundle adjustment tab to a value, for example, 80 000.
2) Go to features folder where there are photos we are processing and delete all *.feat and *.desc files.
3) Rerun the bundle Adjustment with Incremental option.
4) 3Dsurvey should register all the images in the dataset.

Can I supply an ASCI text file containing the image geolocation and altitude and manually select the columns that represent each item (x,y,z,Yaw,Pitch,Roll)? What is the best format to supply this information to 3Dsurvey?
On top of ASCI text file being supported in 3Dsurvey, you can add this information in any other text or csv or xls format. Manual column selection/arrangement is available through Telemetry Importer > Select your UAV model > Other. Then browse for your file and assign the columns/values.
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