3Dsurvey Free Trial licence
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How to download free trial licence:
Don't have the 3Dsurvey User Account yet: go to https://3dsurvey.si/free-trial and fill in the mandatory fields. You will receive an authentication code by SMS. Please make sure the entered number is correct. Enter the authentication code and complete the sign up. Your 3Dsurvey User Account is generated. Go to "Get started" and follow the steps 1-9.

You already have a 3Dsurvey User Account: Go to https://3dsurvey.si/signin use the sign in with email and password (if you forgot your password use the option "Sign in with email" and a login link will be sent to your email address to log in to your 3Dsurvey User Account). Once you are in your Account, go to "Get started" section and go through 1 and 2 step (download latest version of the software and Activate your Free trial).

3Dsurvey Free Trial licence is unlimited for 14 days. After 14 days trial licence can still be activated but users can no longer save or share their projects.
Re: 3Dsurvey Free Trial licence
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no need trial licence
lifetime license 
critical bug alarm !!!!