3Dsurvey User account
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To create your 3Dsurvey account go to: https://www.3dsurvey.si/signin

Choose "Sign Up here" and enter your data. When finished hit "Create my account"
Then please check your email inbox, and confirm to activate your brand new 3Dsurvey account. Make sure you use your account credentials sent in the welcome email for first entry.

Later you can change your password and other personal details @"My Info".

With 3Dsurvey account you'll be able to:
- download your 3Dsurvey trial version
- register for webinars
- make your orders
- apply for student licence
- watch tutorial videos
- have access to tutorial datasets
- have access to user manuals

For future sign in to your 3Dsurvey account if you forget your password use the "Sign in with your email" and login link will be sent to your email address.
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