Reprojection error
« on: March 17, 2023, 09:27:30 PM »
After bundle adjustment I am getting .65 to .89 reprojection error. This is not acceptable. I'm flying a Mavic 3e. Is anyone else getting this error? I believe it is a drone issue, as they updated the selection process for the main camera and it hasn't worked correctly  since. I've sent in files to 3d survey and they cant find any issue. Right now I have a really nice paper weight of a drone as none of the info is reliable in the least.
Re: Reprojection error
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Hi Jay,

With Mavic 3E we get reprojection error in exactly same range. This is expected and reprojection error of less the 1 pixel is good, because the tiepoints are detected with an accuracy of about 1 pixel. I would worry if reprojection error would be higher then 1.5 pixel or if it was maybe 2 pixels for your drone.
Re: Reprojection error
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I understand that it's within tolerance, however, I'm getting elevation errors around 1 ft. consistently over the entire site. The odd thing is that I used the Carlson Photocapture software with the exact same data set and had a lower reprojection error and had zero elevation errors over .24. Something has happened to either my version of 3d, or the software hasn't kept up with the updates that DJI has provided to the Mavic line of drones.
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Hey Jay,

Which drone do you use and which geoid model? Which coordiante system?

If you upload your photos and gcp file here:

I will process the dataset and check what the issue is?