DJI Mini SE and 3DSurvey Pilot
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Hello guys;

Long time user of 3DSurvey Pilot with a phantom 4 pro v2.0 and an iPad but this time I am testing new and lighter gear;

Drone: DJI Mini SE.
Phone: Pixel 6.
App: 3D Survey Pilot App.

3D Survey Pilot recognizes the drone and I am able to configure the mission with no problems. But, app keeps poping the following message:

"Failed to get focus upper bound. The feature is unsupported".

Anyways I keep operating the app until launching the mission. Here every preflight check passes but uploading the mission to drone where I get:

"Mission upload failed: The system is too busy to execute the action".

So, I can not actually fly the mission. This leads me to ask here;

- Is the DJI Mini SE supported by 3D Survey Pilot?
- If so, am I missing something in the new version of the app for android? (I am used to the old version of the app)

Thanks in advance!

Attached 2 pictures with SS from the phone with the messages.
Re: DJI Mini SE and 3DSurvey Pilot
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We have not yet tested DJI Mini SE, but the app does support similar drones like mini 1 and mini 2 in the new "Free Flight" mission, which takes the images automatically while you drive the drone manually. Images are taken according to the trigger distance you set at the beginning, creating enough overlap to achieve more than sufficient precision.

To answer your second question, the new version now contains the camera settings within the 3Dsurvey pilot app making the general workflow way simpler.
The app also contains a couple of new convenient missions, which however do cost around 5€ a month.
Re: DJI Mini SE and 3DSurvey Pilot
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Hello, so given the reply today I tested the free flight option with the Mini SE drone and it worked perfectly. It was a bit tricky at first but it was quite easy at the end. Thanks again!


Re: DJI Mini SE and 3DSurvey Pilot
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No problem, I am happy I could help.