When you finish shooting at the 3D Survey Pilot and return to home, the drone camera turns.
Why is that?
There are no symptoms like that in DJIGO4 app, and it returns to home normally.
What is the solution?
There seems to be too many problems with the 3D Survey Pilot app.

Equipment used: Mavic 2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (Android Ver.12)
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Re: If you return to home in the 3D Survey Pilot, the camera turns.
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Dear hyeon,

3Dsurvey Pilot App control just the camera angle (Pitch) and not the rotation of the camera. Seem to me that this could be a gimbal issue from the drone. My suggestion is to do a gimbal calibration with the help of DJI App and test how it works on new test flight.

After you finish with the mission we set prepare the drone for landing and turn the camera angle to 0 degrees - horizontal position. In this case there is minimum option to damage the camera lens during the landing.

In case you will do the gimbal calibration and test flight please let us know if this solve your issue with camera.