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I was doing a Classification process in 3DSurvey last night but was only part of the way through the Classification Step 1 process when a lightning storm moved in and I had to shut down the computer. I saved the project. When I open it now and select the Point Cloud tab, it still shows everything I had selected where I left off (shaded in red) but if I click on "Classification", it clears all my previously selected areas. Using the "Select" button only selects by polygon but doesn’t seem to get me back to the into classification process. Is there a way to get back to Classification Step 1 and continue where I left off without losing my "Classification Step 1" selecting work or do I need to start over?
Orthophoto / Re: Orthophoto Exports
« Last post by vid.peterman on June 21, 2023, 03:09:02 PM »
then these elevations will show up in ortho export
Orthophoto / Re: Orthophoto Exports
« Last post by vid.peterman on June 21, 2023, 03:08:30 PM »
here is a screenshot
Orthophoto / Re: Orthophoto Exports
« Last post by vid.peterman on June 21, 2023, 03:06:00 PM »
Hi Sam, Simply go to CAD tab, and place points on the ridges and trees, like so:
Orthophoto / Orthophoto Exports
« Last post by sam.shrpherd on June 21, 2023, 03:04:33 PM »
I am creating cross sections for a development combining CAD imports and drone photogrammetry mesh using the orthorphoto function within 3dSurvey. When exporting the orthophoto as .jpg or .PDF is there a way to get height data eg ridge heights of buildings and heights of trees. If so how? If not, will the function to do so become available?
Bug Reports / Mesh from CAD data issue
« Last post by jakub.lechowski on April 25, 2023, 08:04:51 AM »

Got issue with generating mesh from CAD data, program doesnt want triangulate surface as it should, got some lines in file to show where i want breaklines but it doesnt work. Usually adding/deleting some lines/points was a soulution but in this case it didnt work. Im atttaching .dxf file and few screenshots, v2.15.2.

Regards, Piotr.

dxf file:
General Discussion / Re: Custom Coordinate Systems and RTK Drones
« Last post by steve.belz on April 13, 2023, 07:55:55 PM »
Not sure if this helps but, I use the Phantom 4 RTK and use a similar workflow.  I either shoot my GCPs in an arbitrary local coordinate system with a robotic total station or have a surveyor shoot them in as local coordinates or modified State Plane (which is still basically local coordinates).  When a survey point with a real elevation is nearby to pull off elevation, I'll tie into that for Z.  To make sure the job processes correctly when Orientating, I always bring in the GCP file as "Local Coordinates".  This approach has worked well for me I usually have very little vertical error.
General Discussion / Re: Contour Lines
« Last post by steve.belz on April 13, 2023, 07:42:45 PM »
Contours were created using the regular grid mesh which is what I always use with same results.  However, I've found a work-around in AutoCAD using the "Overkill" command to remove those extra overlapping end segments of the contour lines.
General Discussion / Re: Mavic Air 2S - 3D Survey Pilot future supporting
« Last post by ivan.zan.barbaric on April 12, 2023, 09:42:28 AM »
The app only supports DJI Mavic air 2S in the new "Free Flight" mission, which takes the images automatically while you drive the drone manually. Images are taken according to the trigger distance you set at the beginning, creating enough overlap to achieve more than sufficient precision. Morever, if you want the full functionality of the app, you should consider one of the following drones:
-Phantom 4 Pro V2
- Phantom 4 Pro
- Phantom 4
- Phantom 3 Professional
- Phantom 3 Advanced
- Mavic Air
- Mavic Pro
- Mavic 2 Pro
- Inspire 1 (Pro)
- Inspire 2
- Spark
General Discussion / Re: Contour Lines
« Last post by ivan.zan.barbaric on April 12, 2023, 09:36:19 AM »
I am assuming, you created  Contour lines from the Full 3d mesh. Try creating them from Regular grid mesh (DSM), and you should not have issues.
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