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When you finish shooting at the 3D Survey Pilot and return to home, the drone camera turns.
Why is that?
There are no symptoms like that in DJIGO4 app, and it returns to home normally.
What is the solution?
There seems to be too many problems with the 3D Survey Pilot app.

Equipment used: Mavic 2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (Android Ver.12)

I used the 3D Survey Pilot to shoot at a Grid mission, a camera angle of 90 degrees, and a height of 150 meters.
A photo was called from the 3D survey. But I found a problem that the picture was rotated.
In the end, I failed the mission.
I want to know the cause and solution of the problem.

Equipment used: Mavic 2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (Android)

If you run the 3D survey pilot using the Samsung Android tablet Galaxy Tab S7+, the screen does not rotate automatically and is always fixed, making it uncomfortable to see.
You can rotate the tablet, but the tablet's power button, volume button, etc. may be pressed incorrectly toward the floor.
I hope 3D survey pilot can be automatically rotated like pix4d capture.

I use iPad mini 5.
And I use the Mavic 2 Pro.
If you run the 3D Survey Pilot and take a picture, the real-time image does not come out.
When I used the Mavic Pro, real-time video came out. But it doesn't come out on the Mavic 2 Pro.
I want a solution.

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